The Mythical Gorge of Neda

Since the ancient times, as mentioned by the ancient traveller Pafsanias, Neda river defined the border between the counties of Helia and Messini of the Peloponnese.

At its most part the beatiful Neda river crosses a gorge rich in plantation, offering spectacular images of nature, while falls form on its path, with the largest having a height of 50 meters.

The springs of Neda are traced on mountain Lyceus near Petra village on the border of Messini and Arcadia counties. The river crossed 32km and ends on the west at the Ionian sea.

The river is named after the nymph Neda, who according to the myth, gave the newborn Zeus to Rhea caling the deity of the waters to protect him from her husband Cronus.

One of the most impressive paths towards the Neda falls is that which crosses by Kopanaki village going up into the mountain through picturesque scenes of greenery and traditional villages.