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Must Visit Markets in Athens

Athens is a city filled with historic treasures. But it is not famous just for that. Its treasures stretch all the way from antiquity up to the present. And through the most popular must visit markets in Athens, you have an idea why the city has remained a hub of commerce over the years. Get ready to shop at the local stores, as well as at the traditional markets with the hospitable merchandisers. You will be stunned by the entire experience, for sure!

Monastiraki Flea Market

must visit markets in athens

Perhaps this is the most famous market in Athens and Greece as a whole. Monastiraki Flea Market is located centrally, on Ifaistou Street and at the area bearing the same name. It is easily accessible, either on foot or using the Metro. You get off at Monastiraki Metro Station, as you might have guessed! The market is rich in souvenirs, reminding you of Ancient Greece. You can find extra virgin olive oil and organic products based on olive, as well as statuettes and busts of prominent Athenian personalities. Garments, accessories, leather shoes and sandals, bags and of course jewelry and much more for you to see…and buy! And after you have had enough of your shopping spree, you are most welcome to enjoy your drinks at one of the cafeterias, bars or restaurants in the area. Look for the roof gardens of several cafes there at sunset…They are breathtaking!

Piraeus Flea Market


If you are reaching Athens by ferry, then Piraeus is your best bet. This is the largest port of the country and a historic city itself. A little further away from the port lies Piraeus Flea Market. Some might argue about its consideration as a flea market, as it is only open on Sundays. But the truth is that this place is filled with treasures to discover and bargain. You are encouraged to wander through the narrow paths and look at the merchandise. This is definitely the place to find true gems at really low price rates. So do not miss out on a visit, if you are lucky and stay in Athens on a Sunday morning till afternoon!

Varvakeios Market

must visit markets in athens

One more from our list of the must visit markets in Athens, Varvakeios stands proud and boasts an impressive history. It is located on Athinas Street, so pretty centrally like Monastiraki. Here is where you will find great food products. Local meat and fish, traditional cheese varieties from every part of Greece, cold cut and cured meats, herbs and spices. They are all there, along with innumerable other delicacies for you to taste. It is a journey of the senses, without a doubt. Just close your eyes and smell the different aromas. Feel the power of cinnamon, the tension of pepper and curry, the sweetness blended with bitterness in nutmeg and all that in a single place. A place forgotten by time!

Antique Market

must visit markets in athens

Last but not least from the must visit markets in Athens, adjacent to Monastiraki lies the Antique Market on Avissynias Square. It is only open during the weekends, meaning Saturdays and Sundays. This is where you will find anything old. Antiques of all sorts, including garments and furniture, appliances and electronic devices, they make an excellent place to bargain. Plus, you will find some truly invaluable discs from all-time classic music and much more. Check out the collections of old books and then have a taste of local cuisine at the taverns nearby.