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Mushroom Museum & Natural History Museum of Meteora

The imposing Meteora fascinates travelers from all over the world. The huge cliffs fill you with awe and the unearthly mystical identity reveals secrets that have been kept secret for centuries. This is a place where the monks used to stay, benefiting from the natural protection offered by the steep rocks and lack of accessibility. These monasteries built on top of each cliff remain observatories for the entire region and maintain their isolated character. And they attract visitors in pursuit of the true monastic life, enthusiasts of nature and pilgrimage. But once you are there, you should not miss a visit to the Mushroom Museum & the Natural History Museum of Meteora, either.

mushroom museum

Having been founded in 2014, this is a relatively new and intriguing museum for travelers in Kalampaka and Meteora. The museum has received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for four consecutive years and this is impressive on its own. There are rich collections of mammals and birds, as well as information about the protection of wildlife. You will have the chance to learn more about native and migratory birds, the wonderful ecosystems and of course there is a special place about mushrooms. In the area, mushrooms are grown in abundance. Increased humidity and heavy rainfall, low temperatures and lack of sunlight are some of the elements that make mushrooms flourish. And as you will come to realize, they are grown in multiple shapes and sizes. They are found in different colors, too. If you are interested, you may also indulge in truffle hunting experiences!

mushroom museum

The little ones have one more reason to visit the Mushroom Museum & National History Museum of Meteora. Art exhibitions, educational programs and events are held at the venue of the museum called “Asproparis”. This is another name for the Egyptian vulture, a bird that is on the verge of extinction and is found in the area. The museum operates daily and general admission costs 5 euros. Find out more about the operating hours and other information at 2432 024959.