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Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil

The olive is an iconic product of the Greek land, with its distinctive flavor and the exceptional nutritional value. Ever since antiquity, Greece has been well known for the finest quality olive oil. Referenced through the centuries as the symbol of peace (the olive branch) and a reward for athletes competing in the Olympic Games, the olive has always been an integral part of the country’s tradition. And all that is highlighted most eloquently at the Museum of the Olive and the Greek Olive Oil, located in Sparta.

museum of the olive

A journey to the olive history starting in the prehistoric times, all the way to modern society, is reflected in the museum. Upon visiting the museum, you will have the opportunity to discover how the olive has been weaved together with the distinct Greek identity, in a never ending path. After all, the olive tree is characteristic of the Mediterranean and nobody can argue with the importance of the fruit for all the indigenous populations and the world. But starting from the ancient days, the olive has been used to produce olive oil in Greece and this elixir of life has been treated as currency. It has been used in the Greek diet, as well as in religious ceremonies and in the field of cosmetics. Moreover, the olive has influenced the arts in various ways. Of course it deserves a special place among the museums.

museum of the olive

Find out more about the technology behind the olive oil and wander through the impressive exhibits, featuring old oil presses and equipment for olive processing. Apart from all that, there are even activities for kids and adults alike to participate in. One of the most fascinating activities is that of producing olive oil “just like the Greeks did in antiquity” and this is a great way to explore the olive oil in its birthplace!