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Mount Koziakas: Hear the Whispers of the Gods

Mount Koziakas is an imposing mountain. In fact, it reaches 1900 meters in altitude. It is located in Trikala on the southern part of Pindos. The mountain is part of European NATURA 2000 project, attracting nature enthusiasts from Greece and the world. Have you wondered what it feels like to touch the sky? Are you in for a mountainy adventure? Get ready for an unforgettable experience! This masterpiece of nature will amaze you right from the start!

Accessing Mount Koziakas

Mount Koziakas

There is a shelter high above, where you can stay and admire the marvels around you. Hiking Mount Koziakas is an experience on its own. You will breathe in the fresh air and look at the evergreen mountain peaks. In the wider area, there are places where you can indulge in a plethora of activities. Hiking, mountain biking and skiing, climbing and horse riding, canoeing, kayaking and rafting are just few of the things to do.

There is a ski resort in Pertouli village nearby. This is probably the major attraction of the region. But every inch of Mount Koziakas boasts a wealth of memories. There is history of centuries carved in every stone. Aspropotamos is the name of the river, where you might be tempted to tame the waters through rafting and other activities.

Within a short distance from Mount Koziakas, you will find picturesque villages. Pili and Elati, Neraidochori and Chrisomilia are waiting. There you will enjoy strolling at the cobbled pathways. Take in the luscious natural beauty of the surroundings. As for food? There are quite a few traditional taverns that will surprise your palate pleasantly. Simple yet mouth-watering recipes will fill your belly and light your heart with joy.

There is nothing better than enjoying life’s harmony. Mount Koziakas is idyllic for a unique tour. A tour that helps travelers discover a different perspective, appreciating the magnitude of nature’s wisdom. This definitely sets you towards the right direction!