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Megalo Chorio in Evritania

On your way to Karpenisi, Megalo Chorio is definitely a destination to consider when visiting the Greek mainland. A prominent village, as per its name that literally translates to “Large Village”, awaits you and your precious company in an idyllic setting. Located 720 meters above sea level on the slopes of Kaliakouda Mountain, this is a place filled with natural bliss. In a verdant oasis, travelers are welcome to enjoy nature at its finest moment and indulge in rafting, canoe and kayaking, hiking and mountain biking.

Megalo Chorio

Upon entering the village, the bust of a 17-year-old heroine will catch your eye. It is Panagiota Stathopoulou, who had joined the resistance force during World War II and sacrificed for her country. So through this, the village pays tribute to her cause and remembers her always. At the village of Megalo Chorio, there is also a Folkore Museum with rich collections that depict daily life in the past centuries. And those of you who have already guessed it, there is a “Small Village” or Mikro Chorio nearby! Whether you join the ride and discover both these villages or keep the trip shorter, the experience is going to be equally mind-blowing. A breath of fresh air that we all cherish and return to.

Megalo Chorio

Just 14 kilometers from Karpenisi, this is a village worth visiting even for a few hours. However, it is also a great place to stay at the traditional lodgings. Be sure to stroll up and down the paved pathways and enjoy the view from the main square with the long-surviving plane tree. Traditional architecture, stone houses with red tiles and water running from the shared fountains, all these are elements highlighting the special charms of Megalo Chorio. And during the autumn and winter time, as the orange leaves cover the ground, the scenery is even more breathtaking.