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Medieval Rose Festival on Rhodes Island

A unique festival is held since every year on Rhodes island; the Medieval Rose Festival attracts each year hundredths of participants and even more visitors from all over the world. The festival organized by ‘Medieval Rose’ association takes place in the Medieval town of Rhodes and at other well – preserved castles, bastions and fortresses. The Soldiers and knights, peasants and merchants wander the streets of the town of Rhodes reenact in a unique way legendary events as well as everyday life on the medieval Rhodes.

The Medieval Rose Festival aim is to project the history and culture of Rhodes. The organizers have sought and studied the relevant historical resources and obtained the know-how for a faithful recreation of a basically voluntary project that reproduces a time that left its marks in the island’s heritage. Archeologist, actors, musicians, performers, visual artists and craftsmen take part in the historical reenactment. An additional effort is made to attract as many volunteers as possible, as the Festival is not just “a theatrical play”, but aims at the active participation of every person entering the gates of the medieval town.

The Medieval Town of Rhodes
The wonderful medieval town of Rhodes, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage monuments, serves as the scene for events and re-enactments that the Medieval Rose. The old town of Rhodes is a living settlement of some 150 acres (including the walls and the Moat) with a population of approximately 6.000 who live and work in the same buildings (now restored) that were used by the Knights of St. John 600 years ago. The medieval town was laid out on the pattern of the French cities of the 14th century. A wall divided it into two unequal sections, the northern part (called Castello or Collachium), with its inner Acropolis and the official buildings of the Knights, and the southern and larger part where the ordinary people lived. This division of Rhodes was not an innovation of the Knights but a defensive norm in the Middle Ages, in both East and West.


In May 2015 the Medieval Rose Festival became a member of the EFFE (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe), a platform of selected festivals from 31 countries. The 9th session of Medieval Rhodes will be held on May 27 – 29, 2016. For some inspiration do not forget to check the video below

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyd3XsL6igo[/embedyt]

Want to found out more?
Check the Medieval Rhodes Festival on www.medievalfestival.gr and on facebook

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