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The Magnificent Sand Museum in Milos

Milos is an unusual place in the world, a destination matching no other. And Sand Museum in Milos is exactly what you would have expected. Something out of the ordinary! The museum is located at the capital, Plaka. Plaka is a town that got its name from the level surface, on which the houses have been built. Milos Island is world renowned for its exquisite nature. Sandy dunes and rock formations capture the attention from afar. And it is in this place that a geologist decided to house this spectacular building!

Sand Museum in Milos: The Art of Sand Grains

Sand Museum in Milos Plaka

There is a rich collection of sand samples here for you to observe. These samples have been gathered with special attention and care by a geologist from Thessaloniki. You can see them and notice the slight differences, as well as admire the black sand sparkling lavishly. Even the tiniest materials can be impressive. You can see them under the microscope. This is the basic concept, on which the museum has been structured.

Besides the sand samples, there are also sand sculptures and sand art. These are all projects of the same person, which is remarkable! He is a true artist and the quality of the spectacle is absolutely great. It is worth noting that the Sand Museum comes with free admission. It is clearly the work of an art connoisseur, a genuine passionate of the sand. But if you want, there is a souvenir shop for you to visit in the museum. There you can buy marvelous items and take the timeless beauty of the sand with you.

The magical world of the sand will definitely dazzle you. This is certainly an experience out of the ordinary; something you would never have imagined would be so fine. Right before experiencing another wonderful masterpiece of nature at the Venetian Castle, right before sunset, it is worth visiting the museum in Plaka!

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