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Magical Sea Turtles Kefalonia Attraction

Home to the famous loggerhead sea turtles Kefalonia boasts an idyllic destination. This is not only thanks to the beaches and mesmerizing landscapes. It is the flora and fauna that make it extra special amongst the Ionian Islands. So if you are a nature’s enthusiast, you will be thrilled to admire those magical creatures from up close.

You might have heard them as Caretta-Caretta. These rare sea turtles face the danger of extinction. So you can see why their survival is critical. For that reason, there are many sea turtle Kefalonia beaches on the island. You can spot them as they swim towards the deep blue sea. Or you can see their nesting spots.

Nature’s Wonders: Sea Turtles Kefalonia

sea turtles kefalonia

Mounda Bay (between Skala and Katelios) and Megali Ammos, Koutavos Lagoon and Makris Gialos are just few of the places where you can spot these amazing creatures. Of course, Kefalonia is also famous for its monk seals. Another endangered species that is protected from harm on the island! The crystal clear waters and the sheltered bays promote their protection and allow them to reproduce.

The beaches are sandy, mostly in the south. So they are welcoming to these precious guests. Does someone search for the history of sea turtles? Then he will go back to the era of dinosaurs. This shows just how essential their survival is. Sea turtles may reach a maximum of 1.3 meters in length. They also weigh up to 400 kilos.

The vast majority of sea turtles can live up to 70 years. This is pretty astonishing. On the island of Kefalonia, turtle watching has become widely popular. Many organizations nurture these animals and offer a helping hand. In this way, they facilitate their reproduction and solidify their nests.

A Visit to Kefalonia

sea turtles kefalonia

Besides the magical sea turtles Kefalonia is an island filled with natural beauty. Its inspiring landscapes are truly wonderful. Kefalonia offers rare excitements and amazing activities to travelers. So why don’t you explore its uniqueness? Schedule your next vacations there and enjoy!