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The Lovely Arnaia Halkidiki

Located on the slopes of Holomontas Mountain at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level, Arnaia in Halkidiki will definitely enchant you with its special charms. This is where the famous Aristotle chose to spend some years of his life, teaching and creating the basis for Greek philosophy. Renovated houses that date back to the 1850s and mansions with absolute respect to tradition,hospitable locals, cobbled pathways and absolute tranquility fill the atmosphere with a blissful aura. There are no actual yards or large gardens, hence protecting the houses from the strong winds and the cold temperatures of the winter.


Well over 2,500 inhabitants have selected Arnaia as their permanent base and they do not regret it at all. No matter the difficulties, this is a special settlement of Northern Greece. Unlike what many would have guesses as to Halkidiki with the embroidered coastline and the crowded shores, the vibrant nightlife and the celebrities flocking each centimeter of land, here there is a huge difference. In this part of Halkidiki, it seems like time stands still. Everything moves slowly and the settlement has maintained its idyllic character almost intact over the centuries.


You will be thrilled to walk past the central square and the famous bazaar, as well as the Church of Agios Stefanos. When walking through the neighborhoods and mingling with the locals, you will get the opportunity to buy great traditional products of exceptional quality standards. Do not forget to include honey in your purchases, since many villagers are involved in beekeeping. As for activities in the area, the imposing mountain of Holomontas is perfect for hiking and mountain biking, bird watching and much more. There are even hiking trails that take you through places that have been protected as Natura 2000 sites.