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Lousios Gorge in Peloponnese

Located in Western Arcadia and more specifically between the regions of Stemnitsa and Zatouna and very close to Dimitsana settlement, Lousios Gorge has been characterized as “Mount Athos of Peloponnese”. The reason is quite straightforward, since you will find plenty of monasteries in an equally thrilling, mystical environment. The monastery of Saint John Prodromos dates back to the 16th century and stands tall on the steep limestone cliffs, most likely making it to your list of must-visit places. Looking up to the monastery or even paying a visit and indulging in the sacred spirit and the humbleness of the monks is an experience on its own. But as stated before, the gorge has a lot more to offer than the absolutely stunning religious facilities scattered all around.

lousios gorge

Ancient Gortys is a settlement of unified archaeological interest, where the ancient Asklepieion (or else a healing place) used to operate in the 4th century BC. Of course, the crystalline waters of Lousios river have played a part in the establishment of such sort, exactly on the river banks. Along with that ancient site, you will also get to see various water mills and tanneries. It goes without even saying that Lousios has been the driving power for the entire region. And this is the force that has led to such lush greenery, an oasis of green embracing you as you walk through Lousios Gorge and explore its unique charms.

lousios gorge

Following the scenic monastery trail, you will enjoy the very same beauty as the Olympian Gods, according to Greek mythology. Zeus himself used to bathe here in the Lousios river, which makes sense if you just take a moment and look around you. Philosophou Monastery (the Monastery of the Philosopher), Saint Andrew’s Church and the lovely Lykochori village are also among the finest parts of hiking through Lousios Gorge.