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Lotzias Mosque in Kos Exudes Aromas from the Orient

Kos is just a breath from the Turkish coasts, which is why the island has gained a mystical aura of the Orient over the years. A special blend of Greece and its eternal blue, along with the spices and aromas of the East. As part of this unique fusion, Lotzias Mosque (or else Loggia Mosque) is one of the most important attractions on the island and symbolizes the unity of people, religions and faith. It is located in the ancient city, at Hippocrates Square right opposite the Tree of Hippocrates. The building is impressive and it is definitely worth visiting, once you are in Kos.

lotzias mosque

Lotzias Mosque dates back to 1786. It was built by the Turkish Admiral of the Ottoman fleet and Commander, named Hajji Hassan Passah. The construction was completed, using materials that were pulled out from the ancient city. There was a shrine dedicated to Hercules on site, which was probably used for its materials. The building stretches to two storeys, with the first floor hosting the prayer hall. What is equally breathtaking to the exterior architecture is the number of windows at the mosque. There are 61 windows, Mauritanian style, all over the walls, providing exceptional natural sunlight throughout the day.

lotzias mosque

Its name means an arched arcade, which is found on the west side of the ground floor. The imposing minaret stands at the northwestern side of the mosque, revealing scenes from Hercules and his Labors. There is the Nemean lion, for instance. This is an eloquent proof of the origin of the materials, but remains equally exquisite as part of this Muslim religious site. Upon entering Lotzias mosque from the north side of the building, you are immediately fascinated by the vast spaces and the awe-inspiring surroundings. A must-see for your visit on the island of Kos, for sure!