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Limnos Thermal Springs

Limnos or else Lemnos is one of the largest islands in Greece, offering the impressive thirty villages and settlements to travelers in search of an idyllic destination. This is a place world renowned for its majestic landscapes, the welcoming beaches and the succulent cuisine. It is also a known place for windsurfers and water sports enthusiasts. On top of all that, however, Limnos thermal springs at Therma also attract the attention and provide travelers with an extra incentive to relax and unwind. Are you in wellness tourism? Then this is a wonderful opportunity for you to enjoy vacations and revitalize your body and soul!

limnos thermal springs

Just 4 kilometers from the capital of the island, Myrina, Therma village is located along with the famous Therma curative spring. According to the myth, this is where the Olympian God Hephaestus came to heal his wounds, after having fallen from Mount Olympus due to the wrath of Zeus. This is why Limnos Thermal Springs are also known as Hephaestus Thermal Springs. The entire area is verdant and inspires travelers to relax, leaving the stress behind and focusing on what is truly important. Healing chronic pain, rheumatism and aches in the joints, gallstones and nephrolithiasis, among many other illnesses, is essential for well-being. So in a laid-back atmosphere filled with Nature’s bliss people come to pursue their inner balance and feel great.

limnos thermal springs

Water temperature can reach up to 41 degrees Celsius. Although Therma has been evidenced to operate from the Middle Ages, now modern facilities attract even more visitors and invite them to a truly magnificent experience. There are individual tubs on site, as well as an outdoor Canadian tub, along with jet massages and everything required for high quality hydrotherapy. Feel free to delve into this mystical world of Limnos thermal springs, in a place where even the Gods find shelter and healing!