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Lake Melissani Kefalonia: A Natural Phenomenon

About 2 kilometers from Sami, Lake Melissani Kefalonia offers a spectacle not to be missed. Thanks to the dissolution of rocks, an underground lake has appeared. A cave dedicated to Nymph Melissani. According to Greek mythology, this is where Melissani took her own life. The reason was that her love for Pan did not lead anywhere. He did not love her back. And in this place, both the Nymph and Pan were worshiped.

Visiting Lake Melissani Kefalonia

Lake Melissani Kefalonia

A unique geological phenomenon takes place in Melissani. The rocks have been eroded over the passing of centuries. As a result, visitors can admire their wonderful shape. Stalactites and stalagmites shaped over 20,000 years ago provide the ultimate setting. And the places where the sun manages to pass through the rocks are mesmerizing. The sun rays are mirrored on the water surface. The waters shimmer and there are thousands of shades dancing.

Visitors are welcome to access the lake through small boats. There are boat tours on a daily basis. You should know that Lake Melissani Kefalonia is 20 meters underground. The whole lake is 3.5 km in length, 40m in width and 36m in height. Somewhere in the lake, a small islet is revealed. At that very place, excavations have revealed artifacts from a sanctuary dedicated to Pan and Melissani. The place was discovered back in 1951. And the person responsible for the discovery is speleontologist Giannis Petrochilos.

This is an amazing experience. Once you visit Kefalonia, it is worth exploring the underground beauty of Lake Melissani. You will be fascinated by the azure color of the waters, the lights on the surface, the mystical atmosphere and the magical surroundings of this place. A wonder of nature unfolds in Kefalonia. Do not miss out on the opportunity to be part of it!