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Biblia Chora Winery in the Foothills of Mount Pangeon

Ktima Biblia Chora is located on the slopes of Pangeon Mountain, in the picturesque village of Kokkinochori in Kavala. This is certainly one of the finest wineries of Northern Greece, having been awarded for the production of premium wines like Ovilos White over the years. Vassilis Tsaktsarlis and Vangelis Gerovassiliou are the two oenologists who inspired this place and joined forces, so as to create something truly unique and exceptional. Even though the winery was established in 1998, it soon became a point of reference in the wider area and later went on to gain universal acclaim. Nowadays, every wine enthusiast is in love with the mature flavors and intoxicating fragrances of Plagios, Areti, Biblinos and of course Ovilos varieties in white, red and rose wines. Pinot Noir, Cabernet and Merlot are also among the most prestigious wine varieties available at the winery.

ktima biblia chora

For the production of the multi-awarded Ovilos White, one of the top 10 wine varieties worldwide, two legendary wines are blended to perfection: Assyrtiko and Semillon, the former being a wonderful and emblematic wine from Santorini and the distinctive Cycladic soil, the latter being a varietal from Bordeaux. The wine ages in carefully carved barells made of French oak and brings out a splendidly bright yellow color. Apricot and honey, tropical fruits and citrus are joined with vanilla and the outcome is purely mesmerizing.

ktima biblia chora

It goes without even saying that Ktima Biblia Chora has a lot more to offer to those seeking the absolute wine experience. You are more than welcome to walk through breathtaking landscapes of unspoiled natural beauty, book a visit to the estate and awaken your senses in the most fabulous manner. Schedule a wine tour that matches no other experience you have ever shared, in an idyllic environment where each detail has been carefully outlined for the best result. And it is all so worth it…