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Kos Vineyards: A Tradition from Antiquity

Winemaking in Kos dates back to antiquity and is strongly associated with the history of the island. However, up till early 2000s the art of winemaking had been in continuous downfall. Locals had turned to other activities, mainly because they wanted to focus on tourism. So they neglected viticulture. On the bright side, now things have finally changed. Kos vineyards have found their place on the island’s attractions and local wine varieties have eventually been appreciated as delicious, succulent and genuine. What more could you ask for in a wine?

kos vineyards

As you are walking down the central road starting at Kos Town, you are found in the midst of wine history. This is the so called “wine road” of Kos and hosts some of the prominent wineries on the island. This is where you will have the chance to admire the Kos vineyards, standing proud and claiming their spot in history. There are various wine tours you may indulge in, so as to taste the varieties from the wine barrels to your glass. During these wine tours, you will find out a lot of interesting facts about winemaking in Kos.

kos vineyards

Kos also boasts kanelada, a soft drink made of cinammon sticks and served cold. This is a great accompaniment to local wines, along with splendid cheese called possia or krasotiri. The latter is the Greek word for “wine cheese” and so you may have already guessed what you should taste it with! The entire experience of discovering a long-lived tradition that has survived through time and hardships, decay and indifference, only to rise again. Exactly like Phoenix from the ashes, Kos vineyards seem like they have never left their glorious place on the island. And the locals now know…!