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Klafsi Village: A Sweet Destination to Be

Have you been dreaming of an utterly relaxing place for your vacations? Then Greek mainland holds a lot of treasures for you, including the region of Evritania with mountainous villages of exceptional beauty. Among those treasures, Klafsi village will astound you through its authenticity and unpretentious charms. Under 10 miles from Karpenisi, the village has been built on an uphill terrain and is surrounded by evergreen forests. What a recipe for successful, laid-back vacations, taking in the extraordinary fresh air of the countryside!


Its name has probably derived from an unfortunate incident. More specifically, back in 279 BC the village was destroyed by hostile intruders. The destruction ended in the tears of the locals, weeping for their lost homes. This is exactly what Klafsi means in Greek, or else “weeping”. But despite the name’s origin, the village has restored its happy vibes and is now ready to welcome you all to its natural charms. And its connection to antiquity is still there, with the ruins of an ancient temple captivating the attention of history buffs and enthusiasts. Plus the view from the settlement is purely mesmeric and therefore you should not miss that for the world!


Stone houses with red tiles form the neighborhoods in this village. There are not many inhabitants, but they are enough to exude a splendid aura of friendliness all around you. Walking along the narrow pathways of the village, you will have the chance to experience a genuine Greek hospitality. The friendly locals will greet you wholeheartedly, inviting you to taste the traditional recipes, sweet and savory treats. Enjoy them, as they are the most eloquent proof of high-quality products, fused with years of experience in cooking. Subtle tastes, delicious desserts and mouth-watering, fruity wine varieties will fascinate you, for sure. A great journey of the senses!