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Kimolos Prasa Beach & Thermal Springs

Located on the northeastern part of the island, Kimolos Prasa beach (or else known as Agios Georgios beach) is one of the most picturesque places to be. It is within short distance from both the main town of Kimolos and its major port. Perhaps the most characteristic detail about this beach is the distinctive chalk-like sand. This is in fact what has named the island (Kimolos derives from Kimolia, which is Chalk in Greek). And this very fine sand results in an almost all-white coastline, inviting you to dive in and swim in its transparent waters. Right opposite the sandy shore, there is the tiny islet of Prasonisi and the view is spectacular.

kimolos prasa

What is equally amazing about Kimolos Prasa beach is the thermal springs, just upon reaching the settlement bearing the same name. Natural therapeutic springs await for you to visit, scheduling a soothing experience in the water that will lift you off any physical pain or discomfort. And of course, by the beach you may come across the precious Monachus Monachus monk seals. They tend to find shelter on this serene cove. After all, there are just a few facilities like a beach bar (operating during summer season) and a few stores. So the overall scenery is purely idyllic.

kimolos prasa

As a volcanic island, Kimolos is part of Cyclades complex and features unique natural beauty. The thermal springs only add to its value as a tourist destination. Once you reach the island, Kimolos Prasa beach is a must – not only for those seeking wellness tourism, but also for those in pursuit of romantic places of unspoiled beauty and charms.