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Ikaria Thermal Springs

Ikaria is an island of distinctive geothermal properties. What lies beneath the surface is sometimes even more precious than what meets the eye. To that end, ever since antiquity the Ikarians have identified the value of Ikaria thermal springs and they have made sure to put it to great use. Up to this point, both islanders and travelers have found amazing benefits to the use of such geothermal springs. The water is highly therapeutic, adding to the cure of diseases or at the very least the treatment of pain.

ikaria thermal springs

Therma is the main spa area of the island. This place has survived over centuries, with the hot mineral springs on the welcoming bay. Just a couple of kilometers from Agios Kirikos, the capital of Ikaria, Therma directly links to the ancient town of Thermae. To highlight the value of this place health-wise, the inhabitants had been called Asclepians. Asclepius was, after all, the God of Medicine in ancient Greek culture. The place where are the ancient ruins have been revealed is that of Chalasmena Therma. There, you could see the aqueduct and fragments of various marble bath tubs scattered all around. Although there are no solid findings from the ancient times, probably due to an earthquake that destroyed everything, the place boasts a holistic supremacy, in terms of natural healing.

ikaria thermal springs

Hydrotherapy still maintains an important part in the lives of the Ikarians. You can visit Ikaria thermal springs at Lefkada near Agios Kirikos, Apollo, Kratsas, Agia Kiriaki and so much more. Before visiting them, however, it is prudent that you follow some basic guidelines. According to what you seek from your visit, you should know the temperature of the water, as well as the radiation on site. In this way, you will be able to choose wisely as to the perfect healing place on the island. But whatever you do, it is a unique experience to see how Nature serves Healing so greatly on this island!