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The hidden island gems of the Dodecanese

The hidden island gems of the Dodecanese

There are many tiny islands in the middle of the Aegean among the constellation of the Dodecanese islands, most of which have stayed under the radar although they have so much to offer!


This island is very close to Rhodes and yet is so different.  It is an island that is so small one can see it all in just four hours, to see up close the ancient castles and churches as wel as the windmills. You collect dreamy images of landscapes and experiences after swimming in the exotic sea surrounding the island. You can reach Chalki by boat from the port of Pireus or from Rhodes, Karpathos, Kassos and Agios Nikolaos (Crete).



This is a very special natural site, as Aki will remind you of Polynesian islands. It is a complex of small islands very close to each other forming countless forths that colnclude in white sand beaches and turquoise bays. This complex of islands is on the north east of Patmos and very close to the northen part of Lipsous and has 54 permanent locals. It is also very popular for its seafood and local soft cheese as well as the local lamb and goat dishes. You can reach Arki by ferry either from Patmos or Lipsous.


This is a small indipendent paradice. One will visit this place to have very relaxing and vacation out of the ordinary. On this island, nature is the dj mixing the sound of waves and the wind and fireworks the August moonlight. You can reach Agathonisi by boat from Patmos and Samos.


Anyone who has travelled to Kalymnos must have heard about Telendos. An Ancient Greek myth has it that a great love story took place between the daughter of the King of Telendos and a prince from the opposite island Kalymnos.

Telendos seems like a piece of Kalymnos that was cut off abruptly. If you are looking for secluded vacations away from the stress of everyday life, without landline, internet, cars and cafe bars with loud music, then this secluded paradise is this place for you. You can reach Telendos with a few minutes boat ride from the island of Kalymnos.


This small island is a true hidden gem of the Dodecanese islands! If you are after good wine, crystal blue waters and fresh fish, this is the island for you! It is a very popular yaghting destination and promised to offer you the ultimate relaxation. You can reach this island via ferry from Pireaus, Rhodes, Patmos, Leros, Kos, Kalymnos, Simi, Ikaria and Fournoi islands.


At Kasos you will travel back in time since this small island, which remains largely untouched by tourism and acquaints visitors with an authentic slice of Greece from a bygone era. Kasos is located to the east of Crete and is the southernmost of the Dodecanese island cluster. At first glance, its rugged landscape makes it appear somewhat savage and hostile. But this is an island of pleasant and welcoming people that is very rewarding for those who make the effort to visit. It is also very popular for the production of the excellent quality local Cheese and other dairy products, as locals have been producing it for centuries. On this island you will find many local traditional festivals during which the locals wear their traditional costume, of which they are very proud of. You can reach Kasos via ferry from the port of Piraeus, Rhodes and other islands of the Dodecanese as well as Crete from the port of Agios Nikolaos.


This tiny islet has a spectacular landscape comprising of white sandy virgin beaches with crystal clear water, abrupt cliffs, calcareous rock beds, deep caves and dashing streams. Saria is inhabited nowadays and only a few shepherds go to this isolated isle to range their stocks. In summer, there are small tour boats to connect Pigadia to Saria islet in frequent and daily itineraries. You can reach Saria with a brief boat ride from the island of Karpathos.