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Halkidiki Thermal Spa in Kassandra

The beautiful Kassandra region in Halkidiki is a place everyone dreams of. Splendid crystalline waters and pine tree forests, refreshing breeze gently running through your hair and exquisite delicacies served to you on the beachfront. A destination that looks as if it has emerged from the fantasies of the most talented writers and painters of the world. And on top of the landscapes and hospitality, Halkidiki Thermal Spa in Kassandra is definitely another reason why you should visit this place of Northern Greece.

halkidiki thermal

Halkidiki Thermal Spa is located in Agia Paraskevi, just a few miles from Kassandra. Overlooking the mesmeric Aegean Sea, surrounded by evergreen forests and exuding an atmosphere of absolute relaxation and invigoration, this is a wonderful retreat. A getaway for those seeking to relax and let go of their tension, their worries and any physical pain experienced. The curative waters have helped thousands of people over the years, and now with the modern facilities this place attracts even more visitors than before. There are two pools, one indoors and one outdoors. The pools welcome anyone to join in and dive, enjoying the surroundings and feeling the power of the water overwhelming his body and soul. And then there are individual tubs, 10 in number, for even more intensive care and treatment. With the water temperature warmly reaching 35 degrees Celsius, this is an enjoyable experience for sure. Besides the tubs, you can indulge in hammam and sauna, hydrotherapy and massage treatments.

halkidiki thermal

The natural Thermal Spa of Agia Paraskevi in Kassandra is one of the most spectacular places to be, when visiting Halkidiki. In a time when wellness tourism is on continuous rise, where euphoria and inner balance are sought for by the majority of those stressed out in modern life’s hectic frenzy, this is an oasis of calm. Delve in utter serenity and feel Nature’s bliss embracing you in Halkidiki!