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The Growing Popularity of Agrotourism in Greece

Being in perfect alignment with natural surroundings is great. People have finally come to appreciate nature for all that it provides to us. A growing sense of responsibility towards the following generations is eventually overflowing the atmosphere. And an eco-friendly perception of the world is a fact! In this optimistic scenario, more people have found themselves in need of understanding nature more. In our modern societies, most things are artificial. So how can you protect something you do not really grasp? This has been the beginning of agrotourism in Greece.

Combining vacations with an educative character seems like a very thin line. Such a line is easy to cross, but it is worth balancing everything. If you really wish to understand how nature works in its core, then agrotourism is the safest bet. In fact, through agrotourism you will have the opportunity to explore the depth of agriculture and delve in tradition. A long-lasting binding of the people with nature is revived and celebrated.

Agrotourism in Greece: Must-See

agrotourism in Greece

Among the most cherished activities, there are many workshops focusing on cheese making or bread kneading. Bread and cheese are core elements in Greek diet. So it is only fair to understand how such ingredients are made. Using milk produced from the farm, you can check the whole process and taste the outcome.

Olive presses are also great options, when it comes to agrotourism in Greece. All over the country, there are many olive gardens and fields procuding some of the finest olive oil varieties in the world. How are olives collected? Which is the proper way to refine them and produce the olive oil? A similar process is made with grapes and wine. Local wineries host tours that allow travelers to learn more about wine making. A mouth-watering, almost intoxicating experience!

Cultivating seasonal, fully organic fruits and vegetables is an amazing thing. Agrotourism in Greece would not be complete, without heading to the orchards! Handpicked tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and lettuce will be transformed into the most delicious salad. And you can drizzle extra virgin olive oil or choose to pick a lemon from the lemon tree to top it off.

Of course, there is so much more in agrotourism. Interacting with the farm animals, learning how to take care of them and respecting their contribution to local communities is a must. Choosing the right tools to dig, plant, even plough and water the fields is another practical skill to master. And then reaping the benefits of your hard work, this is an experience on its own!

Discover Greek Agriculture

agrotourism in Greece

Greece offers unique experienes in the field of agrotourism. The mainland is filled with fertile ground and hospitable locals. And there are islands providing exceptional tours and workshops related to agriculture. Explore the opportunities of each place and you will feel in absolute sync with nature. An evergreen environment ready to be discovered by you!