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Greek Ice Coffee: Another Reason to Visit Greece

Coffee is meant to be a genuine morning ritual for many different cultures. In Greece, there is the emblematic Greek coffee that is brewed carefully and slowly to perfection. According to tradition, proper Greek coffee is prepared in the ember or hot ciders with sand. This allows the brew to rest and become rich in texture and flavor. But during summer, there is a different type of coffee that makes both the locals and tourists alike to fall in love. Greek ice coffee, or better yet, “kafe frape”!

Greek Ice Coffee: Shaken, not Stirred!

Greek ice coffee

If you are interested in this truly emblematic type of coffee, you can visit any cafe in the country and ask for it! The whole process of preparation is pretty simple: you place sugar (according to taste, one to two teaspoons or even none at all) and then a couple of teaspoons of instant coffee. Those who claim to be masters of coffee making agree that the adequate blending of these two ingredients with a minimum of cold water guarantee the optimal outcome.

The foam should be thick and there are those who add a few (or more) drops of milk. And then, something equally important. Greek ice coffee should alays be served with ice cubes. But how many? Some add just a coupls of ice cubes, whereas others add a lot more. And there are people preferring crushed cubes rather than the plain ones.

Finally, Greek ice coffee is meant to be sipped with a straw. The traditional way to enjoy such a beverage is taking your time, sitting leisurely and enjoying the moment!

Freddo: The Modern Alternative to the Classic

Greek ice coffee

The popularity of Greek ice coffee has led to the inspiration of more coffee beverages and varieties. Freddo cappuccino and freddo espresso are the two most popular alternatives. In the former, you will be blown away by the thick texture of whipped cream. On top, you will find sprinkled cnnamon or chocolate for an added note of pleasure! Freddo espresso is more straight up, resembling the hot espresso.

So are you looking forward to tasting Greek ice coffee? We promise you, the experience is going to exceed your expectations!