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Greek Breakfast: Wake up to Morning Bliss!

Waking up early in the morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee sounds magical, right? How about complementing the aromas of coffee and tea with a succulent , mouth-watering Greek breakfast? Whatever your heart desires, sweet or savory, on a rich buffet bringing out the special identity of each Greek place you visit. A new statement for morning experiences that fills you with energy and gets you smiling throughout the day!

Discovering Greek Breakfast

Have you ever hard of the Nectar of the Gods? Their Ambrosia? Well, we are pretty sure that they have referred to Greek Breakfast! Upon waking up, there is a cornucopia of high quality delights to pick from. Freshly baked bread and pastries, pies (with spinach or horta, feta cheese or literally any stuffing you may like!) and scones, Greek donuts sprinkled with honey and cinnamon and so much more!

greek breakfast

Depending on seasonality, there are fresh fruits and vegetables on the buffet. Think of melon and watermelon, strawberries and cherries, peaches and apricots, apples and oranges. And think of fresh scarlet tomatoes and peppers, cucumber and olives. And of course, a wide variety of local cheese types and cold cuts. Greek yoghurt along with walnuts and organic honey, eggs in multiple combos (scrambled eggs with tomato and feta, fried eggs with real butter and hard boiled eggs topped with olive oil), these will all make you want to wake up early in the morning.

greek breakfast

Different regions of Greece offer different specialties and add flavor and special character to the buffet. Rice puddings, halva (semolina dipped in syrup) and creamy desserts, wonderful treats that will make your heart melt. Just one piece of advice; be sure to try out different delights each morning, so as to be able and explore as many treasures as possible from Greek breakfast!