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Greek American Actors We All Love

Greece has been the cradle of Democracy, as well as a cultural hub for centuries. The country where drama and comedy were conceived influenced the entire world. Even today, actors are encouraged to study the Ancient Greek Classics. In this way, they master their acting skills and interpret roles more efficiently. And when the past meets the future, the outcome is amazing. This is what happens with Greek American actors, thriving abroad!

We have gathered a list with the most famous, loved actors of Greek descent living and succeeding the US. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Awesome Greek American Actors

This list has been created randomly and not following any classification. All these actors have managed to leave their mark in the film industry and many are Hollywood’s favorites!

Jennifer Aniston

Greek American actors

Born in California, Jennifer Aniston is the daughter of John Aniston (a Greek actor himself). She is of course a great actress, made famous thanks to her participation in “Friends”. This iconic TV series is still number one in the charts. As part of this thrilling company of friends, “Rachel” has steadily made it to the movies. She always praises Greece wherever she is and this is by far the best advertisement for the country! Her full name is Jennifer Anastassakis.

Nia Vardalos

Greek American actors

Do you remember “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? Antonia Evgenia Vardalos, or else Nia Vardalos, is the person responsible! She is Canadian, with Greek descent. Her love for Greece is omnipresent in her work. She has been trying to promote Greece as a destination for amazing holidays. Of course, this is a fact! But it is great to see that so many artists acknowledge and advertise the country internationally.

John Stamos

Greek American actors

Another Greek actor from California! He was originally known as John Stamatopoulos. His origins go back to Peloponnese. He has been a favorite of Hollywood and he has succeeded in placing himself among the best Greek American actors of all time. His hits include Scream Queens and Glee, Grandfathered and Fuller House. Obviously, he will be making a lot more in the future!

Tina Fey

Greek American actors

A comedian makes it to the list and is amazing at making other people laugh out loud! Tina Fey is best known for her part in 30 Rock. She is Elizabeth Stamatina Fey and she has already established herself in the film industry. Apart from an actress, she has been a TV host and an entertainer, as well as a producer.

Elias Koteas

Greek American actors

Of course, this man needs no introduction. He is of Canadian origin and both his parents are Greek. He has played so many diverse roles in his life, making him an extremely versatile actor. Where should we start? From the Zodiac to Gattaca, the Crash and the Prophecy, Elias Koteas has his own way to perform and leave you breathless.

Olympia Dukakis

Greek American actors

One of the emblematic Greek American actors to remember always! Olympia Dukakis is a well-esteemed artist and she has managed to succeed in a very competitive field. Her work includes a lot of different roles. Among them, you can have a look at the Birds of a Feather, Moonstruck, the Working Girl and of course the Steel Magnolias. A wonderful career, which stretches for more than half a century!

Maria Menounos

Greek American actors

One more of the loved personas in Hollywood, Maria Menounos makes Greek proud! Having played at the Entourage and Fantastic Four, Maria is more than an actress. She is an influencer and an entertainer. Her life has inspired people, thanks to her insatiable desire to make the most of every day. And she is so proud of being Greek!

Rita Wilson

Greek American actors

Just as easily, we could have included Tom Hanks in the list! He is proud to have married this amazing Greek actress and he can’t stop telling the world about it! She has starred at TV series like the Good Wife and Girls, as well as films like My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Raise Your Voice. A true talent, inspiring another true talent in life!

Zach Galifianakis

Greek American actors

Born in North Carolina, Zach Galifianakis is a great actor! His face is instantly imprinted in your mind, right? Who does not recall the Hangover? Due Date and Birdman are also films where he has starred. He is well known for playing awkward characters and he always delivers high quality performances. If he were in Ancient Greece, Aristophanes would love him for sure!

Billy Zane

Greek American actors

Although Billy Zane has played a lot of roles in his life, most people recall him from the Titanic. He was so convincing as the bad character, who did not let Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet enjoy their love! He was born in Chicago and has starred at a lot of movies so far. A wonderfully versatile career!

A Never Ending List

Greek American actors

These are just few of the names of Greek American actors. Telly Savalas and Hank Azaria, Susan Sarandon and Mena Suvari, Betty White and Elia Kazan, these are all of Greek descent. And they have all left their signature in international filming industry. It is great to see that, against all odds, Greece still inspires the world!