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Greek Michelin Restaurants for Food Lovers!

Greece has always held a special place in worldwide gastronomy. The abundance in high quality products, the mastery of housewives and local chefs, the long-lasting history… All these elements have played a huge role in Greek contemporary cuisine. However, over the past few decades something even more magical has happened. All the primitive concepts and eternal values in Greek gastronomic presence have found their perfect match. Sophisticated techniques, professionals with a vision to take Greek gastronomy to the next level. And all that has led to universal acclaim from the true connoisseurs…Let us meet Greece Michelin Restaurants!

Spondi 2 Michelin Stars

Greece Michelin Restaurants

French cuisine is celebrated at Spondi, one of the very few Greece Michelin Restaurants awarded with two stars. Besides this distinction, the restaurant is a proud member of Grand Table du Monde. Apostolos Trastelis could not have wished for a more successful story, upon establishing the place back in 1996. High international cuisine meets the freshest and most delicious Greek products. Everything is cooked to perfection, in absolute alignment with contemporary cuisine and timeless recipes with modern twists. The term means Libation in Greek and is a direct reference to the past. But this restaurant is essentially of eternal value. A genuine experience for your senses, in a central location of Athens.

Funky Gourmet 2 Michelin Stars

Greece Michelin Restaurants

“Innovative cooking activates the senses”. This is exactly what Funky Gourmet represents in Greek cuisine. High gastronomy offered in an interactive manner, provoking people through its unconventional techniques and presentation details. All the dishes are avant-garde, ever since 2009 when three talented minds decided to join forces. Argyro Hiliadaki teamed up with the chefs, Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nick Roussos. Together, they created something unique for the gastronomic stage of Greece. Keramikos area is definitely an ideal place for this wonderful restaurant. Easily accessible, divinely simple and elegant.

Hytra 1 Michelin Star

Greece Michelin Restaurants

“Bringing new ideas to the table” is the motto for Hytra restaurant, located at Onassis Cultural Center. Its name derives from the ancient Terracotta Vase used in cooking. It used to be located in Psyrri, but it seems to have found its true home here. Taking the rich culinary heritage of Greece and “marrying” it with modern gastronomic techniques and sophisticated recipes, the outcome is purely amazing. There is a simpler menu for those who prefer subtle surprises and another one, especially dedicated to those who dare experiment with the new. Whatever you choose, one thing is certain: you will not regret it!

Varoulko Seaside 1 Michelin Star

Greece Michelin Restaurants

By Lefteris Lazarou, one of the most famous Greek chefs. Varoulko is the Greek word for Winch. It opened its doors to the public back in 1987 and it has been a personal bet for Lazarou. A bet that he has clearly won! Drawing inspiration from the sea, Varoulko Seaside is world renowned for its fish and seafood variety. All the dishes are delicate, yet with an intense character making them absolutely stunning. Food presentation, cooking process and atmosphere all create a magical, transcendental even, setting. This is an experience to be remembered, in a place deserving to be featured among Greece Michelin Restaurants.

Botrini’s 1 Michelin Star

Greece Michelin Restaurants

Last but not least, Botrini’s has received a Michelin Star along the years. Ettore Botrini was born and raised in Corfu, where his father created Etrusco. This is another legendary restaurant in the Ionian islands, with a long-lasting and impressive history. However, it was Athens and Botrini’s in the Northern Suburbs that have won the sparkling star of Michelin. Molecular gastronomy, blended with tradition from Greece and Italy (both homes to the chef) result in the most splendid dishes to taste.

Greece Michelin Restaurants

Of course, Michelin Guide always features more restaurants from all over Greece. It is not only Greece Michelin Restaurants. Places like Nolan, Mama Tierra and Sushimou, Kouzina and Cookoovaya all deserve special acknowledgement for their culinary treasures. As for the future? It seems even brighter than today! With so many talented Greek chefs fusing tradition with modernity, with respect to the past and with love for Greek food and local produce, with dedication and commitment, things can only get better!