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God Dionysus in Ancient Greece

God Dionysus or else Bacchus is one of the oldest attested Gods in ancient Greece and the world. He has been described as the God of Wine and Vines, Viticulture and of course Drinking, Having Fun and Boosting Fertility. His followers have worshiped him throughout the years, enjoying the divine madness as a state gifted by wine consumption. This has in fact been the centerpiece of his religion, offering Dionysus followers the opportunity to leave their own routine and enter a different state of mind. Every single year, the journey of grape harvest is represented through his celebrations and festivities in full glory. And this God is approachable, friendly and welcoming. Which is why everyone loves him and wants to take part in the celebration of nature, with the new grapes fully grown and used to make delicious wine.


Dionysus was believed to have been born in Thrace, in Northern Greece. From there, he has traveled the world and gained precious knowledge through his experiences. And then, he returned to Greece and his hometown to spread the word of wine making. He has been the source of inspiration for the expansion of viticulture all over the country and wine enthusiasts are able to experience the same route he has followed, walking on his footpaths. All the way from Mount Pangeon to the famous city of ancient times, Amphipolis, and then to the city of Kavala, with a stop at the emblematic and multi-awarded Ktima Vivlia Chora, the journey is definitely mesmeric. Then the route takes you to Drama with the fine wineries and the vast vineyards, almost envisioning God Dionysus and his followers tasting the best wine varieties in the area. Serres and Kerkini wetland are next, along with Xanthi, Alexandroupoli and the town of Soufli.


Reviving ancient history is critical, especially in places of the world with such a glorious past. Walking in the very same steps as Odysseus and seeing where the Homeric tales have been inspired is an exceptional experience. In your journey, you will be able to see where the resourceful Odysseus tricked Cyclops into getting drunk, so that he could escape his prison, along with his companions. And this is just one tale from centuries filled with stories, legends and secrets waiting to be revealed…