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Folegandros, the well-preserved Cycladic island

Folegandros is one of the most traditional Cycladic islands.

On Folegandros you will not see any neon signs, plastic chairs or crowds of tourists, instead most stores, restaurant and café signs are hand painted on wooden signs which preserve the traditional Cycladic look.

Even over the recent years where tourism has started in Folegandros, the newer hotels and bars are built in the traditional Cycladic style in order to preserve the relaxing, laid back atmosphere.

Folegandros is a small island addressed to the sophisticated traveler who wants to relax and enjoy the natural beauty. The island has plenty of paved paths to walk through and explore the small villages, Karavostasi (the port), Chora, Ano Meria and Agali Beach which are all connected by paths.


Chora’s main feature is it’s cobbled streets, squares, well maintained traditional houses with white-washed courtyards and the Kastro. It is pedestrian friendly as no vehicles are allowed in Chora. Whoever has a car will need to use the parking area just outside the village. Chora has the most to offer from rooms to let, restaurants, bars, bakery, cafes, grocery stores, shops, gift stores, pharmacy, post office, police station but there are no banks, there is though an ATM below the Community office.
Kastro is the oldest part of Chora. A medieval settlement that was built to protect the people from enemy attacks. Some of the houses in the Kastro are over a thousand years old, and are even lived in today as they have been kept in good condition. A must to visit during your stay on Folegandros


Church of the Virgin

On the top of the hill is the church of the Virgin, from here there is a beautiful view overlooking the town and the best place to watch the sunset. The area of the castle has a small fortress built by the Venetians that will take you back to the Middle Ages.
Ano Meria is a quaint village with it white washed houses, with typical cafes, restaurants and a Folklore Museum.
Karavostasis is also the port of Folegandros, here will be your first step on the island as you can only reach Folegandros by sea. Karavostasis has some hotels, shops and restaurants.

Folegandros Sunset
Folegandros Sunset

Folegandros is the preferred island for those who want a quiet, relaxing vacation, with good tourist facilities, friendly people, delicious local cooking and all with decent prices .Once you will explore its beauties you will never forget Folegandros