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The Fierce Beaches of Kasos

Kasos is an island located to the east of Crete, at the southernmost part of Dodecanese. Unspoiled by mass tourism, this is the perfect place for those seeking to relax and take in the laid back atmosphere of summer vacations. Once you set your foot in Kasos, you are blown away by the mesmeric landscapes and the hospitable locals. And beaches of Kasos are filled with unknown treasures, ready to be revealed to everyone who is searching for something rare, yet beautiful.

beaches of kasos

Antiperatos beach is actually a place of three consecutive coves, with fine pebbles and exquisite waters. Located on the western part of the island, this is the perfect spot for those enjoying water sports. There are strong winds on several days, making it a splendid experience for surfers. However, this is not a fully organized beach and therefore you should bring your own food and drink. The beach is found near Ammoua beach. Sand and fine pebbles, along with superb views to the sea and sunset, compose a wonderful place to visit and enjoy throughout your stay. And there is a beach bar on site, allowing you to taste perfect delicacies and sip on some iced cold coffee or cocktails.

beaches of kasos

On the southern part of the island, Helatros ranks among the finest beaches of Kasos for a unique reason. Boasting delicate pebbles and turquoise waters, the bay of Helatros dates back to antiquity and the Minoan era. This is when it served as shelter for the boats on rough days. Another great place for windsurfing and water sports, away from the crowds and noise. And finally, a small islet to the north of Kasos is called Armathia. You may only reach the islet by boat. The beach of Marmara is a sight for sore eyes, featuring silky sand, imposing rocks and cobalt blue waters. A sublime place for swimming, soaking under the sun and snorkeling.