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Fidakia Village Surrounded by Pine Trees & Wildflowers

About 20 miles from Karpenisi, another traditional village of exceptional beauty is calling out your name. Fidakia village stands tall on the slopes of Chelidona Mountain, at an altitude of around 1,000 meters above sea level. Surrounded by pine trees and wildflowers, crystal clear running waters and fresh air, this is what Paradise must look like. As for its name, it literally translates to small snakes; but you need not worry!


The traditional architecture with stone houses and red tiled roofs prevails here. Cobbled pathways lead you from one neighborhood to the next. At the center, there is a picturesque square with a church honoring the Birth of Virgin Mary. The views to lake Kremasta is purely mesmerizing, with nature playing the sweetest symphony before your eyes 365 days a year. In the region, you are most welcome to indulge in water sports like rafting or canoe kayaking. At the same time, the area is home to some scenic routes for hiking and mountain biking. Of course, due to its proximity to Karpenisi and various other villages of Evritania, Fidakia could be part of your exploration of the area and tour.


Local cuisine is splendid, since it has been based on homemade recipes from housewives and old grandmothers from the area. All the dishes are prepared with love and care, always with respect to seasonality and high quality local products. Simplicity is celebrated in the most spectacular manner. And travelers are left craving for more, in a journey of the senses that they cherish for a lifetime.