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Why Is This Festival In Syros One to Watch Out For

Are you an art enthusiast visiting Syros? Then be prepared to be introduced to a one of a kind interactive art experience that takes place in July in Ermoupoli, the island’s capital. The Eye’s Walk Digital Festival is an innovative concept where digital technology, video installation and performing art go hand in hand with the island’s distinctive cultural background. Artistic videos are projected on the walls of the neoclassical buildings of the capital, a unique way to combine the island’s architectural legacy with the modern art of video installation.


The Eye’s Walk Digital Festival promotes the idea of public art in a spectacular way and transforms Greece, the Cyclades and Syros to a hub for Video Installation Art through the groundbreaking use of the public areas by creating spaces and experiences through image and sound. Greece, France, Germany, Israel and Finland are some of the countries that take part to the festival. With no doubt, everybody sees something literally exceptional.