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Exploring the Emblematic Karystos Castles

Karystos is a picturesque city on the island of Evia. It has been inhabited for many centuries, with its history dating back to the Middle Ages. Amongst its finest attractions, in Karystos we find two imposing castles. These Karystos castles reflect influences from the Byzantine and the Venetian rulers. Of course, they have passed through various hands till they arrived in the hands of the Greeks.

Let’s take a glimpse at the magnificent Karystos castles. Then we will go ahead scheduling a trip to see them from up close!

Castello Rosso

karystos castles castello rosso

At the foot of Mount Ochi lies the emblematic Castello Rosso. It was first built in 1030 AC as a small fort. Later, it was transformed into a prominent castle. Its name comes from Latin. Castello Rosso is directly related to the distinctive red color of the stones used for its construction. It is Latin for Red Castle and the same name remains even nowadays.

Castello Rosso was first erected by the Lombards, although over time it has passed in the hands of the Venetians (who enriched the architecture and added more constructions in the whole building), the Francs and the Turks. In the fort, the Greeks used to protect themselves while fighting against the Ottomans during the Greek War of Independence in 1821. Eventually, Castello Rosso became Greek territory.

In modern life, the castle is referred to as one of the major attractions in the area of Karystos. Visitors enjoy hiking till they reach the highest spot of the fort and gaze down from above. In fact, the wider area is home to some rare species of flora and fauna. So it is an idyllic place for a leisurely stroll and an enjoyable excursion in nature.

Bourtzi of Karystos

karystos bourtzi

Bourtzi is located right on the waterfront of Karystos. This medieval building dates back to 1350 AC. A two storey building welcomes travelers from all over the world. The castle offers just the place for taking pictures. Bourtzi is a castle in the very center of Karystos, on the promenade of the picturesque city.

Its hexagonal shape makes it more imposing to the eyes of city wanderers. Limestone and marble have been used for the construction of Bourtzi. They are both quality materials that can last through the ages. The materials used have been extracted by the Roman Mausoleum nearby. The durability of the materials is proven by the fact that the castle remains intact even today.

The prominent character of Bourtzi is magnificent. So the building is used for exhibitions and other cultural events. It is one of the major attractions in the area. Bourtzi captivates the attention of all travelers. You will find postal cards and souvenirs depicting Bourtzi of Karystos. However, you are strongly encouraged to take your own pictures and capture the moment!

Karystos Castles: Reviving the Past

It is worth visiting the wider area of Evia. Karystos embodies the fusion of medieval influences, along with modern touches and Greek tradition. The past is brought to light and the outcome is amazing. Reviving the most important periods in a city’s history is great. Through the past, we get inspiration for the present and the future. Discover Greece at its finest! Enjoy tours to the Greek mainland or the islands – always with the guarantee of an established travel agency like Travel Zone!