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Experience Santorini from a different point of view: Hiking the path to tranquillity

Who would expect that Santorini has more to offer besides luxury hotels, hospitality, services, restaurants and night life?

It’s no coincidence that Santorini is the top destination that combines comfort with adventure, relaxation with exercise and, above all, mountains with a sea view. These contrasts can be experienced through our hiking guide that will reveal the beauty of Santorini that is hidden in its mountains, its inaccessible beaches and its volcanic paths.

Hiking Agios Nikolaos – Megalochori

An easy going path, short and wide enough to walk comfortably.


General Information & Tips

Distance: 0.56 klm
Duration: Max 45 minutes, Min 30 minutes
Items worn: Sneakers / Hat or Scarf / Sun glasses / Sun cream
Supplies: A bottle of water
Must have: Camera plus spare batteries and film/memory card.

Not far from Megalochori village’s exit to the main road (Thera – Megalochori), you can find an amazing hiking route. Just across the main road you have to go left for 100 meters until you find a small group of hotel rooms and then, go right on the small road having the hotel on your left. At the end of the road (after 70 meters) go right till you meet a cement white column which is used for naval and geographical measurements.


It is a nice spot for pictures since you will have a unique view of Palea and Nea Kameni and Aspronisi. It seams like the volcano islands along with Therasia are crammed and very close to each other. It is the angle and the light that also makes them look like they are sailing towards Imerovigli and the Skaros rock.

Hiking Agios Nikolaos - Megalochori 1 hagm_06_t

Follow the small path on the right of the cement column and enjoy the funny ground with the white volcanic ash enriched with black lava rocks and the low bushes with purple and yellow flowers. A few minutes later you will meet a path paved with rocks that will lead you to scenery coming out from a science-fiction movie.

Hiking Agios Nikolaos - Megalochori 3

The path runs parallel to the volcanic wall and quickly, you will find yourself on the top of a cobblestone stair made by wide, volcanic steps from black lava pebbles. The stair takes you downwards the steep cliff of the caldera, but from both sides, huge walls from volcanic ash and lava stones are standing – you do not have a constant view of the caldera but you will definitely admire the strange shapes, color and eminence of the walls that hang above your heads and protect your descent.

Hiking Agios Nikolaos - Megalochori 5 Hiking Agios Nikolaos - Megalochori 6

Then you will start seeing the bell tower of the Agios Nikolaos chapel that gradually appears; a white washed chapel that seems to be getting born from the bowels of the rocks. The chapel and the scenery compose an adagio of deep colors, Aegean perfume and peacefulness! The locals often go to the chapel to light a candle due to a tama they have made, a solemn promise. Other visitors, who had the chance to visit Agios Nikolaos from previous trips to Santorini, will often go back to the chapel to find once more the qualities that got lost in the cement cities and the overpopulated urban centers.

Hiking Agios Nikolaos - Megalochori 7 Hiking Agios Nikolaos - Megalochori 8

The path continues and you can follow it till the edge of the cliff where the view is breathtaking. There you will get the chance to experience a wonderful sunset. On your way back do not miss to look up and take a last view to the chapel and remind your self how nature has blessed us with incredible beauty.

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