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Experience Santorini from a different point of view: Hiking along the Black Mountain’s spine

Who would expect that Santorini has more to offer besides luxury hotels, hospitality, services, restaurants and night life?

It’s no coincidence that Santorini is the top destination that combines comfort with adventure, relaxation with exercise and, above all, mountains with a sea view. These contrasts can be experienced through our hiking guide that will reveal the beauty of Santorini that is hidden in its mountains, its inaccessible beaches and its volcanic paths.

Hiking Fira – Oia

An easy going course with no difficulties worth mentioning.


General Information & Tips

Distance: Approximately 5.39 klm (3.35 miles)
Duration: Min 1h – Max 2hrs (Depending on the stops for rest and photos)
Items worn: Sneakers / Hat / Sun glasses / Sun cream
Supplies: A bottle of water
Must have: Camera plus spare batteries and film/memory card.

Small Suprises: You will notice a rather strange mobility in the grass. Don’t worry, the little creatures are just afraid of your presence! Their english name is Erhard’s Wall Lizard and their Binomial name is Podarcis erhardii. They are 15cm long, they feed on insects and can strike wonderful poses!


Your first landmark would be the beautiful Cycladic church of Profitis Elias. Thanks to the breathtaking view of 360o, it is an amazing spot for photos and a nice opportunity to rest in the shade of the pine trees, after the uphill road coming from Fira.

hiking fira oia 1

There, you will meet a big rock that signifies the path towards Oia. The rest of the road will be rather rocky but at the same time cooler than before, as you will be walking in the shade of the mountain. On your left, you will find a million opportunities to take photos of the blue Aegean Sea.

hiking fira oia 2 hiking fira oia 3 hiking fira oia 4

A little bit further, the road becomes smoother. You will feel the soft crunchy volcano pumice under your feet. You will find yourself under the hot but beneficial sun and surrounded by the magnificent panoramic view. Later on, the path is interrupted by some buildings. Do not worry, the journey is not over! All you have to do is walk on the road for about 400 meters until you find a canteen that sells refreshments, water and food. Behind the canteen, the path starts again. Do not make the mistake to follow the road, you will miss a wonderful course across the “spine” of the mountain.

hiking fira oia 5 hiking fira oia 6 hiking fira oia 7

The calm sea breeze will compensate your uphill journey through the dried Mediterranean vegetation and the volcano rocks. The further uphill you go, the more ecstatic you will feel with the view that becomes wider and bigger. The view of the caldera is unique and invaluable. You will feel your camera very small, humble and incapable of capturing the infinite surroundings.

hiking fira oia 8 hiking fira oia 9

If you look back, you will sea the church of Profitis Elias getting smaller and smaller. Then, in front of you, true volcanic scenery will appear – the Black Mountain’s peak. You will feel the porosity of the ground as you pass along a beautiful volcanic wall on your right. Licked by the winds, the wall guides you along the road towards your next landmark: a small white church named Stavros.

hiking fira oia 10

Another great opportunity to rest and take pictures. There you will realize that Oia looks like sugar cubes spilt on the back of the mountain. Before you leave the church behind you, follow a small path that leads to a small red hill with a bunch of rocks on top of it. Go on the top and find yourself on the highest point of your route. Beauty is all around you. It is just you, the sky and the sea.

hiking fira oia 12 hiking fira oia 11

Later on to your left, you will find strangely shaped volcanic rocks standing like statues on the edge of the cliff. The ground is red and black. When the red is over, you will be near the end of your journey. Some meters downhill and another lonely little church waits for your company – Profitis Elias of Oia. Do not hesitate to keep her a few minutes company in order to take pictures of Oia that looks closer.

hiking fira oia 13 hiking fira oia 14

The final route is dressed in white. The volcanic ash that covers the path and the white rocks on your right create moon-like scenery. After the white road, your trip is over but another chapter of photography and magical scenery begins. Oia, here we come!

hiking fira oia 16 hiking fira oia 15