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The most exotic beaches of Chania

Apart from the beatiful and picturesque town of Chania with the enchanting Venetian Port, this destination is proud of and stands out for its exotic beaches. In fact most of them are listed in the top ones in Europe.


It is one of those beaches which soon as you look at you think that this is what paradise looks like! It is one of the most popular beaches of Greece situated at the South-West part of Crete and about 2 hours drive from the city of Chania. In many spots on this enormous beach you will find pink sand and a variety of seashells. This place is protected by Natura 2000 network for its mesmerizing beaty as well as environmental significance. Tripadvisor users have voted it as the 25th best beach on earth and 5th among the best in Europe.


The exotic lagoon of Balos is found on the north west part of Crete and it is formed between the cape pf Tigani and the tiny island of Gramvousa. Soon as you find yourself there you will perceive that it is indeed a wonder of nature due the natural scenery formed by the sand, the crystal light blue waters and the surrounding terrain. You can access this beach after driving for 1,5 hour from Chania and hiking down for about 30 minutes. Alternatively you can take a day cruise which will also include visiting the Venetian fortress on Gramvoussa.


It is one of the most popular beaches for those who visit Crere, situated on the north west coast of Crete less than 1hour drive from Chania. This organised beach with the impressive tirquise waters will trick you into thinking you are swimming in a luxurious swimming pool and has been awarded on a number of occasions as the best on the island, One of the highlights of this beach is the sunset so make sure you stay long enough not to miss it.

Seitan Limania

Also known as Stephanos Beach, this little beach is found 22klm north east of Chania. The scenery os magestic and exotic, whith stripes of water entering between the sand and the rocks. This is very popular among the locals who make an effort to keep it as natural and quiet as possible.

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