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Huge Success and Global Acclaim for Athens & Acropolis

World Travel Awards 2018 took place in June 30th and the results have been stunning for Greece as discussed here. Athens has been granted the award of Europe’s Leading City Break Destination 2018, which to some was long overdue. The modern facilities and the historic value of monuments available to travelers, the rich heritage and the cultural importance of Athens have all contributed to this win. More than that, Greek National Tourism Organization was also awarded for the innovative moves and targeted strategies towards enhancing tourism in Greece.

Acropolis is Europe’s Leading Tourism Attraction for 2018 and this comes as no surprise, either. The iconic landmark is indeed the pillar of Democracy and an attraction loved & treasured by most in the world. Travelers from every part of the globe flock the Parthenon on a daily basis, so as to pay their tribute to the sacred place that gave birth to some of the fundamental concepts of modern world. Climbing up the inviting hill, you will have the opportunity to admire the remains of the glorious Athenian civilization. A civilization that flourished and became worldwide known as a magnificent era. The Golden Era of Pericles is the pinnacle of human accomplishments, when it comes to Philosophy and the Arts.

The emblematic Parthenon dates back to 447 BC and its value has been timeless. Having been built in line with Classical architectural style, the former Temple is a masterpiece of the Doric order. Ictinus and Callicrates are the two architects behind this marvelous structure, along with the sculptor named Phidias. Made of fine Pentelic marble, it is a statement of refinement and splendor. Dedicated to Goddess Athena, the Temple has been transformed into a global element of unity and a monument reminding us all of the power of the people.

A visit to Athens is a must, not only because of the recent awards welcomed by the city. It is a whole new experience for all travelers and a journey back in time. If you have been searching for a place that combines the past with the present, a destination where you may learn more about the origins of Man and at the same time contemplate about future, Athens welcomes you. Schedule your trip to Greece and Athens, contacting us at Travel Zone Greece for the most memorable holiday experience in your entire life…