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Edessa Waterfalls Cave

Edessa waterfalls rank among the most beautiful and popular landmarks in Northern Greece. Nature enthusiasts truly love exploring the wider area, as its pristine beauty makes it an exceptional place to be. As you are listening to the sounds of the water splashing and shaping the curves of the cliffs, Edessa Waterfalls Cave is the icing of the cake and complements a visit to one of the most stunning landscapes. A destination of exquisite charms, to the east of the city, on the road from Thessaloniki to Florina.

edessa waterfalls cave

The waterfalls have been named after the river flowing through the region, called Edessaios. Four of them can be visited by travelers in pursuit of the perfect picture and they are definitely worth admiring. After all, they form a geological phenomenon of exceptional value, dating back to the 14th century. As for Edessa Waterfalls Cave, it is actually the only primary exploited cave in Greece, created by limestone. It is not that long, just 25 meters in total. But the whole experience is mystical and introduces travelers to the mysteries of the ground. These mysteries have been kept secret for so long, but are waiting for the select few to be revealed.

edessa waterfalls cave

Within short distance from Edessa Waterfalls and the unique Edessa Waterfalls Cave, there are also additional attractions to look for. The Botanical Garden, the Aquarium and the Mills create an idyllic place for recreation and relaxation in Central Macedonia. Schedule a visit once you are in Northern Greece, exploring pristine landscapes of natural beauty. You will be thrilled to admire such unspoiled destinations!