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Ecclesiastical Museum of Hydra

The Ecclesiastical Museum of Hydra opened its doors in 1999. It is located in the heart of the island’s harbor. So it is a must-visit, as soon as you set your foot on Hydra. The clock tower stands right above the museum. It is in fact a fine landmark signifying its presence. The building used to host monks in the past. Now it has been transformed into a cozy, yet distinctive museum.

Why Visit Ecclesiastical Museum of Hydra

ecclesiastical museum of hydra

For pilgrimage, this is a wonderful museum. It depicts the history of Christianity on the island. But even for everyone else, this is a great attraction. The Ecclesiastical Museum of Hydra is a true cultural gem. Some refer to it as the Byzantine Museum or Museum of Macarius of Corinth. And it is one of the finest museums on the island.

Inside you will find a rich collection of religious items. There are also documents of significant historic value. You will be introduced to an era where Christianity blossomed. An era not long time ago. You will learn more about the habits of the locals. And you will explore the cultural uniqueness of Hydra. Its tradition and customs. And its wealth of history.

Hydra is a destination of exceptional beauty. It is located not far from Athens. The island holds its picturesque character. It maintains its romantic nature. Are you interested in a weekend escape from the ordinary? Or longer vacations somewhere special? Either way, you should visit Hydra! You will be enchanted by its elegance and timeless beauty!