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Drogarati Cave in Kefalonia

A geological formation shaped drop by drop of water, slow but consistently, creates a masterpiece of nature in Kefalonia. Drogarati Cave in Sami is one of the most impressive caves on the island, with stalagmites and stalactites that add almost one centimeter each hundred of years. It takes a lot of time and patience to add to nature’s treasure, after all. Within short distance to the cave, Melissani Cave is another attraction of fascinating charms, as speleologists have discovered a region of unique geological importance. The cave is located around 120 meters above the ground and its depth goes all the way to 95 meters. As for the temperature inside the cave, it reaches 18 degrees.

drogarati cave

There are two distinctive parts in Drogarati Cave, the long corridor leading to the platform of stalactites named the Royal Balcony and the Chamber of Exaltation with the marvelous acoustics that is ideal for events. The room can host up to 500 individuals and offers great experiences where culture meets natural beauty and the importance of geological phenomena underground. There is also another part of the cave, which is not accessible to the public. According to scientists, the cave is over 100 millions years old and it is worth noting that this is one of the few caves, where artificial bright light is allowed to use. This makes it a wonderful experience to visit and enjoy the various cultural events, being part of the cave’s long-lasting history.

drogarati cave

Operating from morning to evening (08.00-20.00) and from April to October on a daily basis, Drogarati is a superb attraction within close proximity to Sami. Guided tours are available, in order to take in the history and significance of the cave in a mystical environment, filled with hidden treasures and well kept geological secrets. Enjoy!