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Drama Thermal Springs in Paranesti

Forget everything you may know about wellness tourism and hot springs, Spa facilities and services offered. The picturesque settlement of Paranesti is a splendid place, which will introduce you  to something entirely different. Drama thermal springs in Thermia of Paranesti are found on Mount Rodopi, at an altitude of 620 meters above sea level, offering an exquisite view from above. This view blends most wonderfully with the pristine and verdant forest by Nestos River.

drama thermal springs

But what makes Drama thermal springs in Thermia so special is the fact that there are about 120 handmade huts there, constructed by the devoted visitors of the thermal baths over the years. These huts are made of aluminum and create a truly bizarre and yet thrilling environment. The oldest huts date back to about 40 years ago, while there are many later structures on site. And of course, there is also the old hydrotherapy structure, as evidence of people understanding the power of these therapeutic waters centuries before contemporary appreciation.

drama thermal springs

The springs are located inside the mountains, gushing into the natural pools covered in aluminum, while the most famous pool is Stroggyli (Round). Temperature stretches from 20 to 60 degrees Celsius, with the water being hypotonic with precious minerals that are ideal for those suffering from rheumatism and several other diseases. Pools may occupy two to three individuals for a limited time period, so as to benefit from the water’s healing properties without feeling any discomfort. Drama thermal springs at Thermia are about 25 kilometers from Paranesti settlement and the road might seem a little steep. But believe us, the entire experience will definitely compensate you!