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Dodona Oracle: The Oldest Hellenic Oracle

Located in Epirus on the northwestern part of Greece, Dodona Oracle is the oldest oracle in the entire country. It is believed to have been chosen by Zeus himself. Its impressive history dates back to the Early Bronze Age (circa 2,500 BC). People worshiped Zeus and Dione, mother of Aphrodite (Venus). She was then called the wife of Zeus. Apparently, the oracle received its name by her.

A Glimpse at Dodona Oracle

dodona oracle

A fertile valley on the slopes of Mount Tomaros is where Dodona Oracle lies. A sacred oak tree stood there in the middle and was supposedly the path of communication with Zeus. People flocked from around the country and asked the oracle for answers. The priests remained at the sanctuary outdoors, before the wind passed through the oak leaves and the omens were interpreted.

According to a myth recalled by Herodotus, Dodona Oracle was established at the specific valley for a reason. A black pigeon started flying from Egypt and did not stop till it reached the holy oak tree. This revealed the sacred character of the place.

There are natural springs, accounting for the lush greenery of the surroundings. It is worth noting that the oracle was not initially dedicated to Zeus. Instead, it was a place of worship for Great Goddess Earth. In such a blessed valley, it makes sense to celebrate the magnitude of nature.

On the archaeological site of Dodona, we find a plethora of attractions. There is the theater and the bouleuterion, the prytaneion and the stadium. The emblematic structure, the perfect state in which the site has been preserved and the beauty of the scenery; these are all elements proving the prominent nature of the oracle.

Second Largest Oracle in Greece

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Dodona Oracle is an amazing place to visit. Second only to Delphi Oracle, it offers visitors the opportunity to admire the ancient architecture. This is a place of worship, holy ground and a destination you should not miss while traveling to Greece!