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The Divine Experience of the Thermal Springs in Greece

Adopt Aristotle’s motto: “The energy of the mind is the essence of life”.

Well-being does not concern physical health only. It is a general feeling, an internal ray of health, force and beauty. It is an on-going process. With one of the best climates in the world, with a unique variety of nature, as well as one of the healthiest diets in the world, Greece is the ideal proposal for psychological and physical health and the search for well-being! The ancient Greek writers and philosophers praised the thermal springs, where the Nymphs offered the divine gifts of health, wellbeing, strength, and spirit invigoration.

Thermal and mineral natural therapeutic springs are appearing at 850 places all over Greece. Their beneficial action offers you the opportunity to receive treatment for chronic conditions in a natural way, whereas the healing properties of seawater, seaweed, or sea mud help you conquer stress and anxiety, and improve your mental performance.

These waters vary, while they differ both in their temperature as well as in their active elements. These waters are characterized as mineral water due to their temperature or their general chemical composition. Apart from cold mineral springs, there are also hot spring sources which are used in therapeutic treatment called spa hydrotherapy (thermalism). In addition to revitalizing the spirit, the large number of mineral springs in Greece offers visitors an opportunity to receive treatment for chronic conditions in a natural way (hydrotherapy).

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Hydrotherapy is particularly important in the treatment of multiple ailments such as arthritis and rheumatic disorders, and fall into two therapeutical categories: internal therapy, which includes “positherapy” (drinking of natural mineral waters), “eispnotherapy” (inhalation of the fumes or droplets of mineral water) and “lavages” (oral, nasal, gynecological), and external therapy, which includes “baths”, “jet showers” (the body is hit by hot mineral water under high/low pressure for a specific period of time), “hydromassage” (the body is massaged by water under pressure), “hydrokinesotherapy” (combination of balneotherapy and kinesotherapy while the body is in the water) and “fangotherapy” (application of mud that has “ripened” on the afflicted parts of the body).

Ailments like arthritis and rheumatic disorders are traditionally associated with the elderly, and therefore everyone believes that spas are for the “therapeutic” treatment of mainly senior citizens. However, the beneficial properties are much broader as they also benefit people of all ages. They start by improving appearance (concerns mainly the condition of the skin) and arrive at the more generalized feeling of relaxation and well-being.

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