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The Discreet Beauty of Ano Meria in Folegandros

If you are looking for genuine Cycladic beauty, Ano Meria in Folegandros is an exceptional place to visit. Located in the northwestern part of the island, this lovely village encompasses what Greece is about. From the whitewashed houses to the cobbled pathways, the lush gardens with the orchards and the hospitable locals, everything is perfect.

Ano Meria in Folegandros: A Journey in Time

ano meria in folegandros

When you visit this village, you instantly feel like time has stood still. It is like you have taken an immediate journey back in time. In those days when each detail had been celebrated in full glory. When everyone appreciated the small things in life, the things that are truly important.
The village is within close distance to Chora. It is about 5 kilometers and the path leading there is quite pleasant. So you can reach Chora on foot, following the route that takes you there and completing it within 45 minutes or so.

Besides its natural beauty, Ano Meria is also a great place to stay. There are some traditional rooms to let, as well as cafeterias and restaurants for you to enjoy. The Eco Museum is here, as well as the Folk Museum of the island. It is a place filled with life, without getting too crowded or spoiled by tourist infrastructure. Just the perfect combination of serenity and pleasant lifestyle!

Enjoy Your Vacations in Greece

ano meria in folegandros

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