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Discover the Tomb of Minyas

At the prehistoric settlement of Orchomenos, a great spectacle awaits. Visitors have the chance to admire one of the finest Mycenaean tombs, the Tomb of Minyas. This should have been the burial place of the royal family. The tomb practically dates back to 1250 BC. So it is an excellent example of refined ancient architecture. An impressive landmark, worth visiting when in the area!

A Glimpse at the Tomb of Minyas

Tomb of Minyas

Pausanias described the tomb in the slightest detail. Thus, he revealed its impressive nature. He even called the place “Minyas Treasure”. Its entrance is almost 5.5 meters tall and boasts a great tholos or arch. It consists of four distinct parts. In its interior, it is circular. In fact, it covers a diameter of 14 meters.

In antiquity, the tomb was prominent and visible from far away. However, over time it was gradually buried and forgotten. Heinrich Schliemann began excavations in the area back in 1881. He was the one who unburied the monument once more.

For an even more outstanding experience, travelers visiting Orchomenos are encouraged to combine their visit to Tomb of Minyas with Stellart representation attendance. In this way, they will be able to picture the night when King Minyas was buried and virtually take part in the excavations.