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Dine Athens: 3rd Restaurant Week in Athens

Are you a lover of gourmet dining? If you are visiting Athens on February, then you have a lot to celebrate! Dine Athens will take place from February 1 to 11, introducing the world to authentic flavors. A feast of gastronomic excellence, tempting you to explore the true essence of Greek dining. And since love comes from the heart, but passes through the stomach, you are bound to fall in love with Athens for one more reason!

100 Restaurants Welcoming You to Dine Athens

dine athens

For 11 days, 100 different restaurants in the city of Athens introduce you to fine dining. There are set menus for you to have your pick from, stretching from 15 all the way to 60 euros. Wine bars and gourmet dining options, multi-awarded restaurants with Michelin starred chefs and fish restaurants, these are just few of the options you get during Dine Athens. And for those in search of something even more exclusive, there are Ethinc touches and even Japanese, French and Italian cuisne.

Menus are available both for lunch and dinner. So this offers you great flexibility and covers all your needs and preferences. There is nothing better than exploring a new place, including its taste in the discovery. At the most privileged price rates, this is a unique opportunity not only for locals but for travelers too to enjoy mouth-watering dishes. Culinary wonders unveiled before your eyes, as the best chefs in the city create and inspire.

dine athens

Reservations are greatly encouraged, due to the increased demand for Dine Athens and especially during chef nights. You simply browse through the restaurants that appeal to you and check the menu. There are detailed presentations of what each menu covers. Once you have found the gastronomic experience of your choosing, pick the date and time. Complete your reservation and bon appetit!