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Digital Nomads in Greece: Survival Guide

Digital nomads are increasing in popularity all over the world. The term refers to professionals who choose to work remotely. Their love to travel the world is what drives them to get rid of their possessions and what is holding them back to their basis. Instead, they are always in between airports and train stations. They wish to visit as many destinations in the world as possible. And of course, how could a place like Greece not attract such professionals? Digital nomads in Greece are about to find great surprises!

Digital Nomads in Greece & What to Look for

digital nomads in Greece

First of all, Greece is a diverse destination in the world. This means that digital nomads can stay on the waterfront or in the mountains. They can discover the beauties and hidden treasures of Greek mainland or else live like islanders. So it is all about what they are looking for. No limits, no restrictions, no boundaries to fear. On the contrary, Greece is an eternal surprise for all travelers.

One of the things to consider when being digital nomads in Greece is Wi-Fi. The Internet is the most valuable asset in the life of a digital nomad. So it goes without even saying that Wi-Fi should be fast and reliable. Well, fortunately there are various Internet providers available in the country. All of them provide fast Internet and this covers literally the whole of Greece.

Most cafeterias feature free Wi-Fi, while there are no hotels or other accommodation options without a form of the web on offer. If you are looking for public spaces with Wi-Fi, there are such to consider. Of course, Athens and major cities have a lot more alternatives to choose from. But this does not exclude the rest of the country.

Moving forward, it is really important for digital nomads in Greece to combine business with leisure. And this is something that Greece takes pride in. There are innumerable sights and attractions for travelers to enjoy. Historic monuments you can take pictures of and learn about. Then, entertainment venues and recreational hubs. Beaches for endless hours under the Mediterranean sun. Exciting nightlife and amazing landscapes. Natural masterpieces to relax and invigorate your body and mind.

digital nomads in Greece

Gastronomy is another important thing to evaluate prior to selecting a destination for spending some time in. Greek cuisine is world renowned as a healthy, delicious option in dining. There are seasonal fruits and vegetables, lean meats and poultry, fresh fish and seafood. Extra virgin olive oil, spices and herbs, amazing simplicity with special twists. And Greek food is to die for!

Accommodation is diverse, too. So digital nomads in Greece will find five star hotels and youth hostels. They will find places for short leases and budget motels. There are various options to consider and choose from. And why not co-live with other digital nomads and travelers of the world. Through platforms and social media, spread the word and enjoy fine staying at reasonable price rates when cutting expenses by sharing!

Finally, you should keep in mind that when staying in Greece you can combine experiences. Stay in the mainland and travel to the islands for the weekend. Indulge in water sports and hiking trails, canyoning and kayaking, paragliding and fly fishing. Take yoga lessons and go cycling in the woods. There are literally thousands of options out there!

So what are you waiting for? Digital nomads of the world, Greece is definitely looking forward to welcoming you!