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Digital Museum Plato Academy

Plato is definitely one of the best known personalities of the ancient Greek world. His thoughts and ideas have become a worldwide treasure and have inspired millions of people over the centuries. With that in mind, the Digital Museum Plato Academy is an attempt to combine the past with the presence and the future. The ideas of a prominent philosopher and one of the top influencers of all time, are fused with cutting edge technology and the latest advancements in all fields of science. What more could you ask for, when in Athens?

digital museum plato academy

How has Plato influenced humanity ever since antiquity? How timeless is his mindset? All this and much more can be seen at the district of Plato’s Academy in central Athens. His “world of ideas” has been a tremendous breakthrough and is still one of the most inspiring philosophies, stimulating and provoking arguments and ideas in the making. Plato flourished in the 4th century BC and still his work remains in the spotlight. In the past, aspiring politicians would consult Plato and turn to him, in order to cultivate their mind and become worthy of their upcoming duties. Today, the state of the art establishment is the most eloquent proof of Plato’s value.

digital museum plato academy

Digital Museum Plato Academy promotes the revival of Plato Academy, one of the best places of the past to cultivate your spirit and mature your thoughts. In Athens, this has been the very essence of philosophy and Platonism as a movement became stronger as time went by. The museum opened its doors in 2015, which makes it one of the newest museums in the city of Athens worth exploring. It operates every day but Monday, from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. It is located in central Athens, 1 Alkmeonos street and is easily accessible.