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Crete: The Island That Has It All!

Crete is a marvelous destination in Greece, filled with nature’s bliss and a plethora of places combined to perfection. Have you ever imagined that there is an island where you cansee snowy peaks and beaches of golden sand? A place where hiking trails and wild cliffs are fused with fertile plains and olive groves? An island that has it all, ready fr you to discover 365 days a year!

Discover Crete


Whoever visits Crete will feel what we call “love at first sight”! It is the fierce beauty that takes you by surprise and sweeps you off your feet. There is nothing artificial about the island. Due to its size and shape, the mainland is equally breathtaking to the coastline. And this is not an easy accomplishment! You will find some of the finest beaches in the world here. Whether you enjoy privacy or you are looking for a trendy, well-organized beach, Crete will astound you.


And the mainland offers a wide variety of options for nature enthusiasts. Are you interested in trekking or mountain climbing? Perhaps you are more of a skiing or kayakingkind of guy. Or how about sailing the Mediterranean or Libyan Sea? Biking or fishing, breaking the waves through windsurfing and kitesurfing. Canyoning is a must, of course!

There are wetlands and mountain peaks, beaches and valleys, waterfalls and fierce cliffs, places of unspoiled natural beauty. Crete has been blessed with a number of historic attractions and sights. Knossos Palace is just one of these places, where you will lose track of time. And the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion or Cretaquarium follow! And of course, who can resist the traditional festivals across the island? Cretan music at its finest offers the tune, to which everyone dances.


We have saved the best for last, perhaps! Cretan cuisine is a whole chapter on its own. Mediterranean ingredients are used in a unique combination. Extra virgin olive oil and juicy tomatoes from the orchard make the perfect salad. Cheese varieties from local connoisseurs, bread and pastries, appetizers and mezedes for accompanying Cretan raki, ouzo or wine. A plethora of desserts and literally anything your heart desires.

How can you not fall in love with Crete? How can you be left untouched by its enchantment? You can’t, we promise!