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Wine Tourism in Peloponnese: Corinthia

Corinthia is one of the regional units of Greece, in the north-eastern part of the Peloponnese. With an impressive history that stretches over centuries, the imposing city of Corinth has developed an exceptional civilization. The region of Nemea has been well-known ever since antiquity, thanks to the high quality wine produced there. Today, things have not changed at all and Corinthia wine tourism features routes that start from Nemea and spread all around the area.

corinthia wine tourism

The aromas of red fruits are evident in Nemea – Agiorgitiko wines, an important variety that produces some of the most succulent wines in Greece. There, you will have the chance to enjoy the deep red colors and fine fragrances, in an idyllic environment that allows the soul to relax and travel to places far away. A journey of the senses, a journey in time that is unique and cherished among wine enthusiasts. The most popular wine road in Corinthia takes you from Nemea to Asprokampos, Kefalari and Stymfalia Lake. You may be familiar with the end destination, as part of the Labors of Hercules. Alternatively, you may depart from Ancient Corinth and travel all the way to Ancient Kleones, Ancient Nemea and Nemea. Nemea, Koutsi, Stimaga and Vrachati is another popular route, whereas there are many others for you to choose from.

corinthia wine tourism

When it comes to Corinthia wine tourism, there are many details that add to the absolute wine experience. Its proximity to Athens, just a mere 1.5 hours away, as well as the unspoiled landscapes and historic attractions of the wider region, make this trip a truly remarkable one. Apart from visiting the top wineries of Corinthia, you will also be able to visit Nemea and the famous archaeological site there. The coastal towns of Loutraki and Nafplio are found within short distance, too. And finally, it is worth noting an amazing celebration that takes place in autumn. The Great Days of Nemea represents the beginning of grape harvest and is celebrated in all its glory. So if you are scheduling to visit Nemea in fall, this festival is not to be missed!