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Chrysospilia in Folegandros: A Glorious Natural Monument

Folegandros is a place of exemplary natural beauty. Travelers admire the magnificent landscapes and the unspoiled coastline. Amongst the finest attractions on the island, Chrysospilia in Folegandros stands out! A remote cave about 30 meters above sea level. A place you cannot reach without guidance. Weather permitting, you will be able to embark on a small boat and access this natural wonder…and then the views will compensate you and more!

Chrysospilia in Folegandros: Amazing History

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The natural cave is impressive, not only for the spectacle it allows. Of course the sun rays shimmer on the water and the chromatic combinations are amazing. But there is another thing that makes Chrysospilia in Folegandros so famous. It is the very same thing that transforms it into world heritage monument. Inside, you will see hundreds of names carved on the stone. This means that the locals (or travelers who passed from here) left their own mark. They left their signature. So they would be remembered always.

Now, many of these names are not recorded anywhere else. This means that Greek scripts do not feature them. As a result, the only evidence of their existence lies in this cave. Obviously, the cave had a secret important meaning to the inhabitants. Along with its name (which means Golden Cave), we can assume that this was a place of significant value for Greeks.

Visiting Folegandros

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